Will I be able to make it as a Doctor?

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    Hi everyone! This is my first ever post on here so take it easy!

    So my question is about becoming a Doctor, and whether it will be possible!

    I left school with B-B-C A levels in PE, Geography and Sociology. I didn't really study that much, and my dream then was to join the Royal Navy. I now to this day, after realising my ambition of wanting to be a Medical professional, regret choosing A levels based on what my friends were doing, and not studying harder at the time.

    I am now 22 years old, nearly 23, and feel as if I am coasting a little bit in life. So, I don't want to leave it too late before taking action to go on the right path.

    I have however found a route into medical school but I have a few questions and concerns, if anyone could help me clear them up, that would be great!

    1. What is the likelihood of me getting into Medical School by the 'Access to medicine' course? I havent really found anything on what its like, other than its like doing Chemistry and Biology for A level crammed into one year. And how does it stack up compared to the knowledge gained from A level Biology and Chemistry?

    2. If I did the access to medicine course, and I didnt get the required amount of credits, where does that leave me?

    3. My family are quite poor, so I will not be able to rely on them for financial help. Is it difficult to make ends meet while studying with grants/bursaries/a weekend job?

    4. Whats the UKCAT, GAMSAT, and BMAT like? I have partially taken the UKCAT pratice test and thought it was okay apart from the abstract reasoning section. What happens if your UKCAT score is poor?

    I know there's a wall of text so if its a case of TLDR, just look at the questions!

    Thank you once again!

    I'm going to be honest and say medicine is one of the most competitive subjects along with nursing and midwifery. The chance of a university giving you an offer with an access course is low as they prefer people with A levels and GCSEs in the relevant subjects. However, it doesn't mean that nobody in the history of access hasn't been given an offer, I'm sure they have.
    My tutors on my access course have told us to have a plan A, plan B and a plan C.
    For most people plan A is go to your chosen university and course.
    Plan B could be doing a pathway that is related to your first choice course, but one that isn't as competitive. i.e your favourite subject or module or whatever, e.g a children and families course.
    Plan C could be to find a way to redo your GCSEs and then progress onto an adult course that isn't an Access course.
    I'm not an expert but I hope this helps.

    There are quite a few universities that consider access courses. Keep in mind that:
    1) Some will use your old gcse grades (you never said if they are good or not) even if you have newer ones, some won't.
    2) Most (not all) of them expect a decent grade in GCSE Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English. Maths

    If you keep your choices down to those that accept the access course and don't disqualify you due to othe factors, it will depend on:
    Your personal statement
    Your entrance exam score
    You getting distinctions in all access modules
    Good interview performance.
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    Thank you guys for your responses!

    Fred, I achieved 1 A*, 6 A's, 3 B's and 1 C.

    Core science - B
    Additional science - A
    Maths - A
    English lit - B
    English lanaguage - B

    I have also considering doing A levels in Biology and Chemistry via distance learning, would this also be a good option?
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