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Well me and my ex-broke up about a month ago (long distance relationship) and we'd been going out for like 4-5 months officially and like 7-8 unofficially.
Anyway we haven't really spoken since we broke up and today i found out that she's started doing drugs and even cried when she didnt have any. To go with this she's recently had a huge personality change, i dont know what caused the personality change but its pretty clear that somethings bothering her. Now when we broke up (because of the distance) we promised to be friends, and even though she hasn't made much of an effort to contact me i want to keep our friendship alive. So i just wanted to know if theres anything i could do to try and help her and understand what she's going through (she's unlikely to talk to me about it at the moment because of the state she's in)? I just dont want her to become depressed as bad as i've seen her before but it looks like she's going to be a lot more depressed than before and thats really worrying me.

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