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    Have a situation with one of my flat mate Guy never ever cleans up. Doesn't help with cleaning bathrooms ext. we did set up a cleaning rota. We have told him before he needs to clean up. Never cleans his dishes leaves it and expects everyone else to do it. He will wait until we are cleaning up and then he slips his dishes in. He has ruined someone's really expensive pan because of it. He takes people food out of their cupboards and eats it. He eaves drops people's conversation and reports it back to this girl that bullied our flat. There was a group of eight of us that lived together in a flat for a year. But we ended up moved into two houses. A girl that lived in the other flat started to pick on different people. The problem with him listening and reporting back our conversations it made the situation a lot worse with the girl who bullied us. For example one of my other roommate were talking to his parents because his grandma died. This information got back to the girl who wasn't very nice. She used it to make my roommate feel a lot worse.
    There are other things he has done but I don't think it would be appropriate to post it online.

    I still having to live with him for a few more months (the contract ends in the new year). What i am asking is how can I make some of his behaviour stop? Does anyone have any tips on how to cope living with him in a civil manner?
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Updated: September 21, 2016
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