Brexit: Areas most strongly backing leave had been starved of Government support

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    according to a fabian society report.

    which notes correlation does not imply causation
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    The independent quotes Pat McFadden MP's response to the study
    Pat McFadden MP of the Open Britain campaign said it was “clear” many people voted Leave not just because they were angry with Brussels, but also because they felt ignored by UK governments too.”

    He said: “People need a fairer economic deal that offers more jobs, a fair share of public spending, more private sector investment and better chances in life.
    So did unfair government spending allocation cause or contribute to the Brexit vote?
    what's your opinion?

    People were/are upset and disillusioned with the political establishment as a whole, particularly those who feel not enough is being done for them. I think for many Brexit was a way of giving the finger to said establishment. Perhaps Cameron should have campaigned for out if he wanted to stay in...

    You just have to look at the map of the results to see that the most deprived areas voted Leave.

    Also notice how East Midlands has some of the highest numbers of minorities in the country. Despite the claims from a lot of remainers saying it was only white racists voting leave

    (Original post by Zargabaath)
    Also notice how East Midlands has some of the highest numbers of minorities in the country. Despite the claims from a lot of remainers saying it was only white racists voting leave
    Anna Soubry (Tory MP for Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire) spouted some absolutely vile things about all leave voters being 'white, working class racists who have probably never even seen an immigrant in their lives' in the immediate aftermath of the vote.

    She must have received a *******ing In the end she lost her cabinet position (minister for small business). She's now desperately clinging on to any media attention she can with being a figurehead for pro-eu lobby group Open Britain and appearing on the TV as often as she can to moan about Brexit/Syria/Labour Party shambles (she was a former TV presenter).

    The last time she updated her website with news relating to her constituency was back in January (apart from a token post earlier this month about exam results).

    Judging by her Twitter feed, she wants the entire population of Syria to come over to the UK!

    And yeah, London is like a non-conforming teenager on that graph!

    /sorry your post about the East Midlands triggered me to rant about our MP!
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Updated: September 21, 2016
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