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    Hello everyone,

    There is a lot of advice on here for applicants and potential vet students, both young and old. However I thought it might be nice to try a thread that current vet students can pass on 'advice' down to the new cohort of vet students.
    A 'hand me down' of tips.

    What sort of things did you wish you had known before you started?
    or things you regretted?

    This thread can contain anything, from studying, general tips, to wishing you'd bought better wellies!

    - Although I'm not at vet school yet, my advice is to check your work placements are willing to provide references after your placement. Before I applied I had 8 weeks at a small animal vet practice near me, and when it came to my reference their company policy was to only provide a reference that stated dates. They couldn't provide me with one that mentioned anything about me personally or what they had thought, not in writing anyway ( they were willing to provide a verbal character reference) - this policy even applied to staff. Luckily my other references were amazing, but it could have really affected my application.

    Make sure you really know what you're getting into. At your vet placements, don't be shy to ask the vets about their working hours, the levels of stress, what they'd wished they'd known about being a vet before going through vet school etc. A lot of people apply to vet school with a rose tinted view of how stressful and difficult life as a vet can be (including me ). The last thing you want is to go through vet school and then realise that being a vet is not all you'd imagined it would be. Try to talk to as many vets as you can and good luck :yy::yy:
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Updated: September 29, 2016
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