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Grey Discolouration on Penis Head Watch

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    Please keep anonymous or delete.

    I am 21 currently. About a few years ago, I went to see a doctor about my tight foreskin who recommended circumcision. I declined the offer as to be blunt, I was too scared and do not want to lose my foreskin. I have no trouble masturbating whatsoever. So I sort of left it for a while and more recently have been doing stretching exercises and I am actually seeing some surprisingly good results. I can near enough retract it fully now although I am not confident enough yet to try it completely in case it gets stuck behind the glans.

    Anyway, I have realised there is this sort of grey discolouration of my head and it has never bothered me but I sort of think I should maybe get this looked at. To be honest, I am more concerned by how it might be perceived by a girl, rather than any medical issue. I am not sure what it is or why I have it. I was under the impression the penis head should be a red/pink/purple type colour. Mine is like that but it seems to have this grey lining/tint over the top, which feels part of the penis head. I am pretty sure this is not smegma. I have tried washing it away but it seems to stay there - it is extremely stubborn and does not seem to wash away.

    So I am very confused. Is this something I should get looked at?

    I have tried to look online and I am now beyond confused as there is so much misinterpretation and conflicting information.

    I feel like this grey discolouration I have is almost certainly due to the fact I have previously had a tight foreskin and also, only recently been retracting it properly, and so my penis is not used to being exposed at all - could this be why? In which case, will it go on its own? Could it be some sort of infection? Or is it actually the case that it is some sort of substance like dead skin cells that have built up over many years because I never used to retract my foreskin or really try and wash it, so now it has built up and become very stubborn and difficult to get rid of? Or is this actually normal for it to look a bit like this?

    My penis operates completely normally, there is no pain or any other symptoms which is why it has never really bothered me. My penis head is just extremely sensitive when exposed, which also makes cleaning it incredibly difficult.

    I am pretty sure I have had this as far back as I can remember and I am also pretty sure my doctor must have seen this when he was trying to retract my foreskin years ago and assessing it for circumcision. Surely he would have raised it then if it was something or maybe he did not notice because he was too busy assessing my foreskin?

    Any help or advice about what this likely is or if I should be concerned? Or if it will go on its own / any action I can take?

    TLDR - could not previously retract my foreskin, I can now, there is grey discolouration on the penis head that is like a lining/tint, do not think it is smegma, seems to have been there forever and there is no pain or any other symptoms attached and I can't seem to wash it off - should I be worried?
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    Also - should add, there is no smell/odour or anything like that either. Completely normal otherwise.
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    It happens to me occasionally. I'm not sure whether it's a side effect of having been exposed for a while being particularly dry or having used a certain lube or a mild yeast or other infection, but washing etc means it doesn't last long for me.

    I'm guessing that it isn't noticeable when you've got an erection? Either way, if you're worried, see a GP or sexual health clinic. If nothing else, they can be impressed at how the stretching exercises have worked.
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Updated: September 21, 2016
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