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chances of getting in for maths at Oxford or LSE

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    I'm currently on a gap year after achieving A*A*A in Maths, Further Maths and Business Studies and i want to study maths at oxford or maths with economics at LSE and I do realise that for maths applicants a gap year isn't a great idea but i plan on studying a couple of additional a level maths modules to keep my maths skills up to standard swell as practice for MAT. However during year 12 i didn't put in much effort into any subjects and revised an hour or 2 on the day of the exam for pretty much all of them and I received ABCD in Maths, F.Maths, Business Studies and Physics. Also the same applies for GCSEs after revising little no nothing i got 1 A* 2As 7Bs and a C. I am quite annoyed with myself for not putting in the effort as i could've been off at university right now if i had.
    UMS for maths was : C1- 93 C2-87 C3-100 C4-95 M1-100 (after resit from 69ums) S1-100( after resit from 67ums) = A* with 575/600 ums
    UMS for F.Maths FP1-77 FP2-90 M2-100 M3-93 S2-100 D1-100(after resit from 70ums) = A* with 560/600 ums will probably retake FP1 so potentially 100 in fp1 and then583/600 ums. also Business was a solid A at A2 after retakes. I also plan on self studying FP3, S3 and M4 during my gap year with some help from a tutor.
    Realistically what are my chances of getting into Oxford for maths or LSE for Maths with Economics compared to those that have a perfect record of A*s at GCSEs and As at as but similar grades to me at A2.

    I'm not sure if you'll have a good chance at Oxford because if your GCSEs but for LSE I think you could have a good chance if you have a very good personal statement.

    For Oxford it really depends on your MAT score and interview, nail those and you should get a place. When it comes to the top maths courses, MAT/STEP and interview (for oxbridge) matter a lot more than stuff like GCSE grades.

    There's no interview or entrance test for LSE, so other than making sure your PS is top-notch there's not much else you can do there. I think you have a shot, but it's not 100%.
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Updated: September 21, 2016
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