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    Was just wondering if there's anybody around who is starting Lincoln in 2017 through deferred entry? Doesn't matter whether you're working, doing a gap year, or relaxing for a year - just thought it could be cool to have a thread where people could get to know each other seeing as most 2017 entrants haven't even sent off their UCAS forms yet

    Hello! I am also deferring my offer to 2017! Starting a thread is a great idea! I am very nervous about university so meeting people who are also deferring seems like a great idea!
    I will be studying Psychology at uni in hopes to go on to do my PGCE in order to become a primary school teacher (fingers crossed).
    I am quite a quiet person in the sense that I like to crack on with my work but can enjoy others company all the same If anyone can relate please let me know, it would be great to make some friends before getting there I also worry about who I may be sharing accommodation with, if anyone else is hoping for tidy and calm room buddies then let me know! I am far from the party animal and don't drink/smoke. Rather, I like to chill with friends in PJ's and eat pizza
    Sooooo, if anyone is studying Psychology and looking or a class/study buddy or even someone hoping for a easy transition into uni share your worries here!
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Updated: September 22, 2016
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