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    Hi guys. My battle with people from SFE started in May this year. I am applying for student loan and tuition from them for my 3 yrs undergraduate course. I owning EU passport but lives in uk for more than 11 years now. Been living on numerous addresses because my parents were moving houses every 2-3 yrs. In 2014 I moved to a different city to work full time , and since then iv changed my address only once. However SFE asked me for a proofe of address for past 6 yers such as P60, payslips and bank statments. I already have sent them uni sertificates, some of my payslips , p60 and my parents child tax benefits they have claimed only for two yrs. After all i Have received a letter of them again saying my evidance arent not good enough for them....

    I went to my student support advisor at my uni. We were both talking to sfe advisor on the phone and I havd explained all the evidance i have sent to them n I dont know what else I can send them because all I have left to send is my bank statments and my coege certificates. They advisor told me tk send them sertificates and my bank statments from last 3 yers and thats gonna covet the evidance they need of me. So thats what I did.

    I have wrote a statment to them explaining all the situation and have sent all the needed evidance in a original state

    Two weeks after I have received the same letter of them ! :-/ I already have spoke to my student support advisor. She said she going to write an email to them with all the evidance i have sent them and make a complain about them so the appropriate people could sort it out.

    Does anybody know how else Can I sort this case ASAP? Im running out of money and Im not living with anybody and need to pay my bills somehow :-( or some other way where I can get some.sort of grant as a student?
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Updated: September 21, 2016
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