Getting up to French and German degree level without having to do a second degree...

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    Hi there,

    I have a degree in Spanish and Italian (as well as A-Levels and GCSEs) and an A-Level in both French and German (A and B respectively). I did my Erasmus year in Spain and then my MA in Translation & Interpreting out there too, and the other half is Spanish too. However, I failed the C2 Spanish exam in May and really would like to reach that level if possible. I think I am at about B2/C1 in Italian and French (haven't done any official exams yet), and between A2-B1 in German.

    However, as I can't afford to do a second language degree (even with the OU), is there any way you think I could get up to degree level in French and German? I work full-time, which may (or may not) make it harder to give me advice...

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    as far as i know, degree level is about c1/c2. learning grammar is important, revise everything you know and then (for german and possibly french depending on how confident you are) start looking for textbooks geared towards b1. it takes a very long time to get from b1 to b2 (i'm sure you already know this as you've studied languages). immersion is key and is possible when you don't have much time. just take things that you do in english and do them in french/german instead, e.g reading the newspaper, try putting your phone in french/german. practise as often as possible. go through vocab cards when you have a spare five minutes - if you don't have time to make your own, you can find some on memrise or quizlet. get in touch with some native speakers, there are websites specifically designed for this like italki and hellotalk. they can help with grammar if you're struggling, you can talk to them in french/german, and they might even skype with you so you can practise speaking. move on to more advanced grammar books as you go along. read books in your target languages, watch films... basically everything you've done when you learned your other languages but this time you don't have a class or a teacher to motivate you, you have to do it all off your own back. bonne chance und viel spaß beim deutsch lernen!
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Updated: September 22, 2016
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