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    Got my second test later and feel awful about it so bad I have zero nervs ! I can barely reverse round a tight corner in this car not sure if it's me the car or instructor I'm currently learning in a peaugot 208 5 door and I honestly feel it's way to big to control I think if I fail this time round I will be changing instructors and going with a smaller car ie 2 door or something like a fiat 500 my instructor doesn't seem to give a **** on my mock test he just said he didn't expect me do so well wtf? And I went on a different test route that id never been on before when I've been preparing for ages not happy with him at all

    If you're unhappy with your instructor and are unsure about how confident or prepared you are why waste money on a test? Make sure you;re prepared and comfortable before doing the test. It will help with confidence.
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    Failed 3 serious 3 minors going to slow at roundabout when changing lanes staying in right lane when should of been in left one and even if I drove perfect got a reversing into bay at end I physically couldn't do it and the examiner was huffing fgs
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Updated: September 22, 2016
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