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I have no idea what i want to do with my life and i really need help and advice. Watch

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    When i was in y10 my attendance was horrific because of medical issues and i was behind in my work and struggled with school. So the solution was that i got homeschooled. I am in y11 now and i am doing my GCSEs in 2017. Not only am i freaking out in case i don't get the grades i want, but i also don't know what i want to do after my GCSEs. All my friends are going to college but i have issues with getting around places like schools and i hate being around groups of people. My oldest sister didn't go to college, she went straight into an apprenticeship and now has a full-time job and is happy as an estate agent. My other older sister is still in college/university (we don't speak as she doesn't live with me) and she seems quite happy too. I guess i would be fine with an apprenticeship but it would require certain GCSE grades and honestly the only two apprenticeships i would really do are: Library (local, public library) or estate agent (because i know a little about it from my sister). Any advice?
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    Getting work experience or doing an apprenticeship are not bad ideas. Is there no one you can talk to about your grades and options? If you're being home schooled you must have tutors?
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    You have issues geing around places? You have a disability?

    If you dont get the grades, then take them again. You really need 5 at A-C including Maths and English.

    If you hate being round groups of people, then how will you do an apprenticeship working with others? You need to tackle that issue. Library has people, estate agent has people.

    Your ideas about what you might like to do are are able to do seem very limited. You have the potential to do much more. What you need is some careers advice.

    Open an account at National Careers

    You can book an appointment to see a careers adviser plus theres tons of info on the webiste. You can also talk over the phone and by webchat. I would suggest going in peson to see an adviser. They can run through your options. Do as well as you can for your exams. Practice past papers and dont worry as you can take them again. I wouldnt take them till your tutors are confident you can pass.



    I was homeschooled and did my GCSEs from home. It's really possible, to get good grades I would suggest looking for YouTube videos on your subjects. I found this really helped me. I had to work hard but I still had a social life, so it is possible to be homeschooled and do well. I got an A*, A and the rest were B's. The best thing I would recommend when coming to decide what you want to do is:

    - Don't just do something because your sister is doing it, unless you have a genuine interest in it also.
    - What subject are you good at, I was good at psychology and enjoyed it so I'm working towards becoming a psychologist.
    - maybe think about a gap year, you don't have to decide by the age of 18 (my sister couldn't decide what she wanted to be and she took a gap year and travelled the world, she now at uni working towards becoming a social worker).
    - what makes you happy (maybe you love art, make up, sport, science etc) do what makes you happy, there's so many careers out there. You never know something that you have a passion for might just be a job you can do.

    I really hope this helps xx
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