Will Exeter Sustain its new reputation?

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    I want to go to exeter, but im concerned that its strong performance wont last and that i might be better off at a uni with a stronger historical repuation(i.e. Bristol/York)

    what do you think?

    A good touchstone is entry standards. The entry standards for Exeter have rose concomittantly with its reputation. Looking at the rankings, it has higher academic entry standards than places like York, Southampton, Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Kings College London, by a substantial margin in some cases. They are basically the same as Warwick, Bath, Edinburgh, Bristol. However it is noteworthy that it's international reputation is not as strong; the world rankings use this in their methodology, as well as Nobel prize awards as factor, none of which Exeter has, given that it is a young uni, and it doesn't rank as well. Though I'll add that I know a girl who got into UCLA law in the U.S. postgrad from Exeter.
    To answer the question, based on the foregoing I would say that it has a very good reputation domestically and will maintain it. Other unis like Surrey, Lancaster or Loughborough do well domestically but have low entry standards and their inflated bubble will burst.
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Updated: January 26, 2017
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