Trial Shift at Michelin Star Restaurant

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    Hey, I've got a trial shift tomorrow at a small Michelin star restaurant as Kitchen Porter. I have no experience working in a kitchen, employment wise, but I have a good idea of what the job entails. Although, I'm worried about what to wear.

    The Sous Chef rang me up and said that I'd need suitable shoes, and fairly black old clothing. Problem is, is that I don't have any black trousers, just jeans and the shoes that I have are all Mid tops or Canvas pumps. So should I go out and buy slacks? And I thought Kitchen Porter's wore white shirts with aprons?

    There's probably not much to answer, but any help is appreciated

    you should get some black trousers, what do you wear to interviews? it's always useful to have black trousers and tbh you can get some super cheap ones if you're worried about cost

    as far as shoes, if they're black I doubt they'll be noticed too much but if you can either get some cheap smart shoes or see if you can borrow anything?

    for the shirt if they've asked for black wear black to start with, if you have a white shirt you could contact them and ask if it's okay to wear that, same goes for any other queries - better to ask if something is okay than wear the wrong thing and get sent home, if it's michelin star they will value their image and if you turn up looking scruffy they might not want you walking round the restaurant

    The kitchen porters where I work simply wear their own dark clothes so this includes dark jeans and the shirts with cheap but sturdy shoes

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Updated: September 25, 2016
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