dissertation advice when your advisor isn't that helpful?

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    hey everyone,

    I am having a bit of a situation with regards to my dissertation which is due in early April 2017. I am struggling with what exactly to do it on - been to-ing and fro-ing between a few different things but I can't settle on an exact topic.

    The main issue is that my advisor hasn't been all that helpful thus far, just been nodding along to what I've said and hasn't really helped to offer much guidance or advice. I know that its an independent piece of work, I just don't have much confidence with this issue of making up my own question so I am really looking for some guidance in this initial phase...

    Does anyone know of any other way to seek some help or advice about dissertations? I have asked to change advisor already but the department assured me that my advisor was suitable and declined, and my uni are renowned for having low student satisfaction ratings so I don't think I can rely on them for much in the way of support.

    Stressing a bit because I want to do well and I think I can as long as I nail the idea.


    Take the latest journal in a subject you like, check the articles, at the end of each there are always mentions about further research directions so think about using one of those. Also, don't ruin your relationship with the supervisor he is likely to mark your work at the end if you stuck with him.

    Your advisor will probably be more willing to discuss your ideas once you're a bit more invested in them, and have worked out a bit more of your content, and your rationale. It would drive me mad to have an entire year cohort come to me with no idea.
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Updated: September 22, 2016
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