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    I was wondering what it's like to study Zoology Joint Honours at Derby and if anyone who has done Zoology with Geography or Zoology with Film & Tv (the two that appeal to me the most) could tell me their experiences?

    Also, if there are any other courses that people would recommend to go with Zoology, I'd be interested to hear
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    I'm also interested in Photography along side Zoology, but would my D grade at A level Photography hinder my chances of getting onto the program? (It was five years ago though, before I took my A levels seriously )
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    Bumpppp ~

    I did biology at Derby, and took most of the animal/environmental modules so I was mixed in with zoology for most of the course. I really loved it. The teaching staff are active in research and passionate, which obviously is important. The only downside was I wished there were more practical skills like surveying, which I believe they have implemented since I left but don't quote me on that. They've also just opened an aquatic research lab and created ties with Sea Life (I did an internship there through Derby Uni), which is a big plus. They have an open day coming up about the lab which looks interesting.
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Updated: November 6, 2016
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