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Undecided on career/ university course

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    For a long time I have had my sights set on studying veterinary medicine, completing an extensive amount of work experience and striving to achieve the necessary grades. However, I have recently questioned my interest in the subject. I have been asking my self; am I more interested in the image than the study? salary over providing help? I have been considering other courses such as Chemistry, Biochemistry and Maths. I am a rather introverted person and believe I wouldn't have a problem doing a job in which I would work alone. Although I can deal with people if required. I have also considered not going to uni and simply applying to the police service or as a pilot in the RAF. I feel I would thoroughly enjoy the work of a police officer and would even aspire to become a detective.As you can tell I'm rather confused and not in two minds but about ten. Any help would be much appreciated 

    BigBird - you are not alone in your quest for clarity!

    Unfortunately we have real challenges in this country in highlighting and promoting good jobs, beyond those that are VERY obvious, some you share above.

    Really important that you spend some time looking into what your key strengths are and what you enjoy doing. A good place to start is asking those around you that know and care for you - 'What type of skills do I have?', 'what type of career should I pursue?'

    You share a variety of jobs above that have very differing skill sets - so I agree with your 10 minds!

    Rather than jobs, try and review different sectors and see which one appeals. Then once you have selected 1/2 sectors, drill down to the leading companies or rising stars within those sectors... Always do what you love and the money will follow - Alan Watts - worth a youtube search!

    We could do with some BigBirds in the Energy and Utility sector, so don't forget us!

    Very best wishes in your search
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Updated: September 23, 2016
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