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Stress is killing me Watch

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    Three weeks into year 12 and i feel like im going mad. I barely have anything organised i dont get anything in class, so i just leave it till i get home and study and learn using the internet at my own pace, but its tiring. Everyday im coming home and doing nothing but studying and homework and end up falling asleep in class the next day because i didnt get enough sleep.I also cant take notes! In history i look around me and all i see is everyone taking tonnes of detailed notes and annotations and i can barely scribble a couple sentences. Im really slow at understanding concepts whilst everyone else at this new sixth form are fast paced and can write essays or calculate answers in minutes. I thought A levels would be okayish for me since i got A's and A* at gcse, but i guessi was wrong. I just hate being so behind.

    Well, the first step is time management. Sleep is more important than study time, for starters.
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    Talk to childline or go and see your GP or school counselor. Stress isnt all bad, its just when it gets out of control. That means you need to start getting things in perspective.

    Its likely other people are struggling as well.

    Talk to the teacher and explain you are having problems adjusting. Uoi need to learn to take notes in class its not that different from GCSE.
    If notes are your problem then preread the subject and make your noted beforehand, then just add bits you havent got as you do the lesson. That way you cna focus on what the teacher says rather than be worried aboyt writing things down. the teacher might give you a lesson plan or idea of what you will be covering.

    Get some decent text book or even a decent revision book. that hsold give you a base ro work from. I would say for general course notes then its better to have a book rather than be constantlu trying to get stuff from the internet, which may even be wrong.

    Create some time, use weekends to get in fron and then stay there. its just you need to be better organised, work smarter and not get into a vissious circle where you fall asleep. There are plenty of threads on this site about good a level grades and ways to study.

    Just take a step back from everything and calm down bro.
    You sound like you're trying to deal with all of your problems at once, that likely wont work nor help.
    Take a breath and deal one at a time.

    I used to feel like this, especially in maths, but you need to teach yourself to not look at what other people are doing. Watching at the pace other people are working it will only stress you out more. You need to just accept you're slower and getting the concept initially and plod along at your own pace. You'll get to the same place in the end. Make a list of things you want to do each day, and set yourself a curfew so you go to bed at a reasonable time.

    This is literally me too. :ashamed:

    First thing's first - prioritise your sleep. Sleep is the most important thing. You can't do anything efficiently without a clear mind!
    Also, you need to learn not to compare yourself to the other students. Just because they scribble more down it doesn't mean they actually understand any of it. People learn at different paces and may have strengths where others have weaknesses.
    Lastly, make sure your work is goal-oriented. Write down what you plan to achieve each day so you have something to work towards. If circumstances mean you can't finish off that bit of work today, don't stay up late to get it done; plan to finish it off tomorrow, plus something extra if it's appropriate. The only time I'd compromise sleep for studying is if I need to meet a deadline and I'm in a bit of a pickle.. Admittedly that could happen sometimes but try to plan ahead as best as you can to avoid it.

    Hey, don't panic. I've been there. I just came back for A2, and God knows why, because I felt exactly the same as you at the start of AS.

    One thing I did was ask the teachers if they could email me the teaching powerpoints, that helps LOADS if you're a bit rubbish at taking notes, I was too. Also, you could try recording the lessons on your phone or a dictaphone to listen to when you get home, or when you're travelling to and from school.

    Next, prioritise you. Sounds a bit cringey, but think of yourself as a machine. A machine doesn't run properly and produce the best products if it's not looked after. So good food, 'me' time and plenty of sleep are needed.

    I made a schedule of where I needed to be and what I needed to be doing each night. It helps a tonne with organisation and made me feel a bit less useless. Just divide up your free evenings into hours, block out times for eating and sleeping (remember, sensible bedtime) and then write in homework sections, study sections etc. I liked to leave myself out an hour or so of 'downtime' too, just to keep my sanity

    Remember, if A levels were easy, everyone would have them...good luck
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