which Art Uni? Falmouth, Bristol,Brighton, Camberwell,Plymouth? D:

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    which one will you/did you pick?

    I want to do a Illustration BA

    please,please help. I feel like Im at a dead end not knowing which is best what rating sites i can trust. Im looking at falmouth as my fave so far but im not sure since art history seems like a really big part and im more drawn to practical courses.


    I studied Illustration at Plymouth College of Art and had a really great experience. I chose Plymouth College of Art because it’s a specialist art school. As soon as you walk in the door you get this great sense of a creative community, full of like-minded people.

    The course gave me the freedom to develop my own style and I felt very supported by my tutors and peers. I learnt all about the illustration industry and how to get ready for life after graduating. I had some amazing opportunities to showcase my work and worked on some exciting live briefs.

    The Illustration staff have a rich mix of experience, with strong industry connections. I found it inspiring to see their work and learn about their experiences and influences.

    Since graduating, I’ve stayed in Plymouth working as a freelance Illustrator. There are lots of creative projects and events to get involved in – it's a really inspiring place to live (and I'm a stone's throw from the beach!)

    Hope that helps!

    BA (Hons) Illustration Graduate
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Updated: October 4, 2016
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