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    If you're objecting to the concept of organised religion, then I don't think that there's a problem with that in and of itself. If you are using religion as an excuse to object to the presence or existence of individuals who follow that religion, then I think that people are perfectly entitled to take offense.

    Personally, I disagree very strongly with your statements about refugees. They are not all or even largely made up of ISIS supporters, or they wouldn't be running away from ISIS, would they? And as refugees are statistically less likely to claim benefits, less likely to use public services once settled and more likely to find steady employment, I think we should be taking as many as we can find housing for.

    There are ways to be respectful and to disagree with people at the same time.

    (Original post by AOG1)
    OK, so I am a firm atheist, I think that religion cannot integrate with non-religious society, as 99% of religions aim to control the state and impose its own religious rules.
    But I feel like particularly in the UK, if I were to state my beliefs about religion, I would be called a racist etc, as I offend them. But what does being offended mean? If a religious person is offended by me eating a particular food, aren't they only saying 'I don't agree because...' So offence means nothing, like I could be offended by same sex marriage (I'm not!) but that doesn't mean anything as I am merely stating an opinion!!!
    This moves onto my question why do religions get to play the offence card, and everything is fine, but the second I say 'I don't like religion as the core beliefs offend me' every single liberal gives me the tag of a xenophobic racist?
    I think being Politically Correct is killing the UK. For example, I believe that taking in refugees is not the best solution as it is dangerous (threat of ISIS) and also the domestic crime rates will go through the roof just look at the rape statistics in Sweden... but if I say that I am racist?! It is ludicrous what are we supposed to do? Not tell the truth so we don't offend anyone SMH
    As the person before said, there is a difference between disagreeing with someone and being disrespectful. It is absolutely fine to not agree that religion serves a purpose in our society, at least not for you. Ultimately, it's not about political correctness. Religious or not, if you are to disagree with someone, or a group of people, at least keep your mind open and respect the opposition. The 'racist' label you keep mentioning is completely irrelevant, as no one with a mild degree of intellect would call you a 'RACIST' for disagreeing with their religion. If you state your opinion calmly, no religious person will play the 'offence card'. I personally am not religious but attended only Catholic schools during my school career. I think you learn something valuable by integrating - you can disagree with someone while acknowledging their opinion. If you don't make a big deal out of how 'offended' you are by the religion they practise, or at least learn to ignore your differences, you'll be fine. Each person is entitled to their own opinion but should respect others'.
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Updated: September 23, 2016
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