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    Long story short-I applied for DSA in March, and it turns out they lost my paperwork. As a result, my assessment is now not til this wednesday due to lecture clashes. As a result, due to issues with money, I've been put in the party accomodation, alongside a shared partying block. I made it clear on my accommodation application that I had Autism and have frequent panic attacks and would like a quiet flat but clearly they didn't take that into consideration. People on the accom facebook pages have been advertising for swapping into a louder flat because theirs is quiet. I want to give them mine but I'm don't think i could afford it now with money circumstances getting worse. Would DSA subsidize the difference to get an en suite to help me with this when I go to my assessment Wednesday?


    There have been changes to the rules regarding accomoodation and DSA; but I can never quite remember what they are.

    But you'd only get the difference in cost (which you pay first and then claim back) if your disability means you need en suite.

    DSA funding no longer covers the difference in standard and en suite accommodation costs - if you need an en suite for disability related reasons the university shouldn't charge you more.
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Updated: September 26, 2016
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