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    So back in May I bought a 2002 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 that has/had about 60k miles on it. Looking in great condition I couldn't pass up the £600 price and bought it before my test.

    Since passing my test I've slowly been driving more and more, especially since university is getting closer. However there are two (potential) issues I have.

    Firstly, the clutch pedal is quite high up on the car which despite my naiviety means the clutch is quite worn, right? I have to reverse out of a steep driveway to get on to the roads and the driveway is full of stones and holes that I have to rev to get up. Sometimes when I am reversing out of the drive I will smell the familiar smell of my clutch. This seems to happen mostly when I'm doing any sort of reversing. Also when I do hill starts or attempt to hold the clutch on a hill, the smell appears again.

    Secondly, occasionally when I'm driving there will be a constant squeak coming from somewhere on the car. A quick google suggested a drive belt might be worn out or something. Is this something I should look into sooner rather than later? Or should I wait until my MOT in March.


    It's hard to diagnose problems over the internet, but if you could afford it I would definitely get both of those things checked out. If nothing else, it'll give you some peace of mind

    your probably over revving and releasing the clutch slowly, hence burning it out. noob

    Try setting off on level ground in 3rd gear.
    If the car pulls away easily without stalling, new clutch needed.
    If it stalls, it's still good for a bit.

    And the squeaking could be anything.
    Where's it coming from exactly? If it's not from the engine it won't be a drive belt.

    I have a squeak coming from the gearbox area.

    go to a garage rather than looking for answers on the student room...
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