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    Hi guys, in this post I’ll be discussing my experience of Welcome Week, or Freshers’ Week, at NTU. Everything from meeting my new flatmates, to going out, to starting life in a new city. My first blog looked at starting life at university, where I introduced myself and explained what these posts are here for.

    Thinking back a couple of years now, to a nervous but excited 18 year-old Tim, as I said goodbye to my parents on an overcast September afternoon, the next week was a complete blur! If you’re just about to go to uni, (perhaps you’re even reading this on the journey there!) get ready to meet loads of new people doing loads of weird and wonderful things! I think that’s what makes your first week of uni so great; there’s a feeling that anything can happen and you just accept it as normal. One night you can be out on the town dancing the night away, next you’re talking about religion and the universe with your flatmates until 2am and another you’re chilling in the common room playing FIFA.

    Meeting new people can be really awkward at first, but be brave, say “hello”, introduce yourself, ask what course people are studying, where they’re from etc – you’ll have that nailed by the end of the week. In my first year the Fresher Reps really helped when it came to breaking the ice and meeting other people and if you decide to go out in the evenings then the reps are there to make sure that you’re having a fun and safe night. Staying in halls during my first year we all bonded really well, to the point where they became a sort of second family. It sounds weird to say it but we all connected and are still close friends now.

    It can feel like Welcome Week is only about going out clubbing and drinking too much but it’s much more than that. On the Sunday afternoon there was a street party and Hampden Street was transformed with music, a jerk chicken van, bouncy castles and real-life table football. There’s plenty of events going on with many societies having taster sessions during the week; whether you’re a gamer or a gymnast – these are great opportunities to get to know like-minded people and make friends. For me Welcome Week is all about settling in your new surroundings, getting to know your new flatmates and getting ready for the whirlwind that is university life.

    Before I sign off I guess I better mention your course inductions (because they are the reason you’re at university at the end of the day!) Do make sure you go along to these, you’ll meet the course leader, the other teaching staff and your personal tutor who will be your first point of contact throughout the year. These really aren’t worth missing, roll out of bed and go along! It’ll also be your first chance to meet your course mates – don’t be a ghost!

    This has been a fun trip down memory lane for me, if you’re just about to start your welcome week or are half way through; have the best time, try something that you’ve never tried before, make the most of it!

    Wishing you the best Welcome Week,

    Be sure to follow @NTUWelcomeWeekto get connected with everything happening during Welcome Week #helloNTU
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Updated: September 23, 2016
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