France arrests Belgian police for transporting illegal immigrants into France

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    Two Belgian policemen have been questioned by their French counterparts after they were caught with 13 illegal immigrants in their car.

    The officers said they felt sorry for the migrants, who were found in a lorry in Belgium, and offered to give them a lift to the border.

    But they strayed into France, where they were arrested and questioned.

    The incident sparked a diplomatic spat, with France's interior minister summoning the Belgian ambassador.

    France strongly condemned the officers' action which "does not conform to the normal work practices agreed between France and Belgium".

    But there was surprise at the French reaction from Georges Aeck, the Ypres police commissioner.

    "We didn't do it for money, this isn't human trafficking," he told Belgian broadcaster RTBF. "We only gave them a hand. We took them a little way in the direction they wanted to go,"

    The bizarre chain of events began on Tuesday evening, when French police in an unmarked car stopped the Belgian police van carrying the 13 migrants, including three minors, on the French side of the border in Nieppe, north-west of Lille.

    The migrants had been discovered earlier in the day and ordered to leave the country.

    But when the officers spotted them walking on foot towards the border, they offered them a lift and accidentally strayed into France near Nieppe.

    If a country sends police force to another; it is by definition agression. But than again France is faulth for being cucked and not defending its borders.
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Updated: September 23, 2016
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