From psychology to midwifery? Am I crazy

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    Hi all, I have just signed up to this so new to everything. Let's hope this works hey!

    I am currently going into my third year studying psychology, counselling and therapies. I love the course but I also love the idea of studying midwifery also, can anyone shed any light if I have to do another three year degree studying midwifery to become one or could I do a shorter course? I just feel like I have been in education forever 😂, but guess I am willing to continue to get the right career.

    Then there is the bigger issue of whether I can even afford the course of not, I do understand requirements for student finance have changed very recently and for applications in 2017 have become the same in health care now as in the 'non healthcare' courses. Does anyone know funding that's out there for my situation?

    If you managed to read until the end then thank you so much! Please reply 😂, Even to say hey!


    You will probably have to start from scratch. Wrt funding I don't know is the short answer but have you done any research of your own?
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    (Original post by alleycat393)
    You will probably have to start from scratch. Wrt funding I don't know is the short answer but have you done any research of your own?
    Yes I have done quite a bit or research but was hoping maybe someone on a midwifery course could give me some insight to what they were entitled to, I know it's a long shot lol!....

    As the funding has changed from Sept 2017 onwards you will need to take out a student loan.
    Even if you have one already, the plan is that people with non health care related degrees wishing to do a health care degree as a second degree will be exempt from the usual funding rules and will be able to take out a second student loan.
    You will no longer get a bursary.
    If you have dependents you can also enquire about getting extra for this.
    The best advice is to contact sfe and see what the plan is and if they can tell you anymore.
    But best of luck, and try and get some experience prior to applying!

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Updated: September 24, 2016
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