So Apparently maths is completely irrelevant to reality

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    When people ask me why i am not happy in life and am trying to make changes this is just another case that sums it up.

    So at work I will keep the company name anon lets call it company A. I work for company A and they pay another company in china call it company B to make stuff which they sell. a third company lets call them company C inspect the goods and say whether they are okay or not.

    over 100,000 of these items were produced and 240 of the items were inspected in 30s from 8 different batches.

    the inspection returned that no items were faulty. On arrival from China it was found that 20% of the items were damaged.

    They then questioned whether the sample size was sufficient and entertained the idea that 240 tins out of over 100,000 would not be enough to spot a 20% failure rate because of sample size. I explained that they almost certainly would find faulty tins in this sample. So either there was something wrong with the inspection or the items got damaged on the water. I got disagreement.

    So I explained that 0.8^240 would produce very slim odds of the no faulty item found if 20% of items were faulty.

    so we then discuss batches maybe it was some good or bad batches well 0.8^30 which gives us 0.1238%. I was told this figure has to be wrong, I explained basic maths.

    I was then informed and I quote "maths does not apply to reality"

    There is literally no words I can think of to express my frustration.

    It tends to be that people who say that maths is irrelevant to reality don't particularly understand maths. It seems to be that humans are scared of things they don't understand, and then make excuses to cover this up.

    Tell your boss' boss.
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    (Original post by MathMoFarah)
    Tell your boss' boss.
    I actually did this and sent an email then had to teach them the maths right from the start to explain the email.

    they finally got it and thanked me. I do question why the girl in charge of managing inspection reports does not understand basic statistics or maths when it is directly applicable, but meh.

    She is actually intelligent just really ignorant about science and maths and stubborn, plus no one in my room takes me seriously.

    It does worry me that we have so many people in this country that do not understand basic maths. I get it not everyone enjoys maths or feels they are good at it. I am not saying everyone should be forced to do A level maths. I am just saying that the vast majority of people should understand basic and I really do mean basic Algebra and probabilities.
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Updated: September 23, 2016
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