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    Afternoon -

    As highlighted previously, we are really keen to raise the visibility of the roles available in the energy and utility sector.
    In keeping with this:

    Some great Graduate opportunities available with E.ON, one of the UK's top energy suppliers who are part of our Talent Source Network. Please visit https://secure.talentsourcenetwork.c...5-a68000e3dab0 to view details, join the network and apply. The roles are based in either Coventry or Nottingham.

    E.ON Graduate scheme 2017- Strategic Business Management

    E.ON Graduate scheme 2017- Analytical Marketing

    E.ON Graduate scheme 2017- Customer Operations Leadership

    E.ON Graduate scheme 2017- Engineering and Technology Leadership

    E.ON Graduate scheme 2017- Finance

    E.ON Graduate scheme 2017- IT and Business change

    E.ON Graduate scheme 2017- Marketing

    E.ON Graduate scheme 2017- HR

    As these cover a range of careers it may be worth highlighting to some of your mates/ colleagues.
    Any questions?

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    Post moved to Grad opportunities - sorry for mistake!!!
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Updated: September 23, 2016
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