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Late for Class! Watch

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    So, it was Wednesday. I'm still new to College (started this
    September) and I don't know my way around very well. I had
    just half an hour for my lunch (Tuesday and Thursday we get
    a full hour). I was sat eating my lunch with my girlfriend
    in the refectory. I normally eat lunch with my classmates
    and we help each other out to find out where we are supposed
    to be.
    However, this time, I was on my own... My GF was no help as
    she is in a different class. When I finished my lunch, I
    noticed all my classmates were nowhere to be seen... It was
    nearly time to head to next class. I checked my timetable.
    Room P190... Like that is supposed to help..? All the rooms
    are numbered like that and all look the same so how am I
    supposed to know which room.. I then sat in the refec with
    my GF wondering what to do.. There were a couple of staff
    about so I asked them, explained the situation, and one said
    they'd find it for me. Eventually I got in class, about 15
    minutes late. My Tutor said "you're late". I explained the
    situation but she then said "I don't expect you to know
    where the classrooms are at this stage, but you don't just
    sit in the bistro, you go to student services, you ask
    someone. She seemed a bit annoyed..

    Friday, arrived at College, didn't know where to go. A
    couple of my classmates had arrived to, so we sat in
    Reception for awhile before we decided to find the
    Classroom. We were about 30 minutes late.

    When English class finished it was 10:25, the tutor said we
    had 5 minutes break time before maths. I went into the
    refec, got a drink, chatted with my gf. When I realized the
    time, 10:40, i realized I had to get to maths class asap. A
    couple more of my classmates were sat at another table and I
    said we have to go to maths now. The maths tutor said to us
    that it is not okay to be late and that we should be on-

    Towards the end of maths class, my home tutor walked in. The
    learning assistant then went to tell her that several
    students of the class were late twice this morning. Oh no! I
    thought. She said that this wouldn't do, and that if this
    continues, we won't have no more break times! She then asked
    why I was late again, I explained that my GF kept talking to
    me, I lost track of time and only had five minutes..
    "See, girlfriends on the mind, taking over the brain" she
    said, or something like that.

    As soon as I got home, my mums phone rang. It was my tutor!
    :O My mum then burst out laughing. She actually thought it
    was rather amusing that I'd been distracted by my GF instead
    of going to class!

    Anyway, that was last week, this week has been better. A
    couple of people have still turned up late in the morning
    (one of them had to walk his little siblings to school), but
    overall it's not been too bad. I still don't know where most
    of the rooms are, but instead of just sitting there waiting
    for someone else to find it for me, I've been more proactive
    by reading the signs and have asked staff on a couple of
    occasions to direct me to the correct room.

    On the first day, my tutor did warn that if you are late or
    absent, you will be marked down in the register. She also
    said that if you continue to be late, your parents will be
    called and it could lead to a "disciplinary action"!

    Anyway, we're all there to learn, and I guess I've learnt my
    lesson! Anyone else had similar experience to this when they
    first started College?
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    Yeah I have
    experienced this when I was
    in college. Don't be late.
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    gr8 poem 8/8
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    Student got a cross in the register this week for being two minutes late!

    2 late marks (you're considered late even if it's by like 2 minutes) within a week results in an hour detention at my sixth form.

    My A level Economics teacher varied between locking the door and not letting latecomers into the room (for the whole lesson), not letting latecomers sit down (for the whole lesson) and doing nothing about it.
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