Unemployed youth spends £20,000 on plastic surgery to look like David Beckham

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    http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/unemployed-teen-spends-20000-surgery-8898523#rlabs=1%20rt$category%20 p$1

    He looks like a total freak. He gives this as his motivation;

    "I've always wanted to look like him because there isn't a person on this planet who can say he is ugly.

    If he wants to look like David Beckham because he believes that will make him good looking, a much cheaper and less painful way to get some way toward that goal would be to lose some ****ing weight.

    Also, he says he gets £15,000 a year in benefits. Wtf? How? He's getting way more than most people get on benefits. Where did he get the money for this plastic surgery? He claims he got personal loans but I find that highly improbable. He's lying to the DWP in one way or another.

    The best comment in the comments section of the story is this;

    Hahahahahahaha I really can't stop laughing what an absolute mongoloid
    I agree.



    It's quite lower-middle class/blue collar to care about stupid things poor people do.

    uhh... i'd ask for my money back!

    David Beckham is a beautiful man this guy is not and will never look like him in a million years like the post above said he should get his money back as they have ****ed his face up.
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Updated: September 23, 2016
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