received an ordinary degree at middlesex university, failed a single module

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    So I passed every single module, but one, which was a core module, Equity and Trusts.
    I even failed the resit, which is extremely miserable since I thought I had done pretty well.

    After waiting for a pretty long while, I was bumped down from LLB Law to BA Law, and my classification online says "Eligible for an Ordinary Degree".

    I studied at Middlesex University and they don't really have anywhere that explains what an Ordinary Degree is, and it's really hard getting into contact with the programme leaders.

    I was wondering if anyone has had this kind of experience, and if anyone has had this experience at Middlesex.

    Also, I was wondering if anyone has been allowed to redo the module in the following year. And I want to take up one or two more modules...

    You should ask someone in the SU or your department whether you cna resit.
    It should be in the rules for resit of exams- normally its one resit and then they ask you to retake the whole module,

    Ordinary degree sounds like it is not a qualifying degree if you wnat to go onto practice. Thast becayse Equity and Trusts is a core subject which you would have to pass for either branches of the legal profession.

    If you cnat contact them then see your tutor and try all methods, so e-mail but just pop into the department.
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Updated: September 27, 2016
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