Augmented Reality

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    Can anyone tell the the technical terms that describe the difference between -

    Something like Blippar where, to see the AR image you have to scan a specific logo or image, and

    Something like Pokemon Go where (I think) you get an alert from your phone based on your location (does that have a specific term?) and you scan the area in general to 'find' the AR.

    I'm trying to devise an app that vibrates/alerts when in proximity of a specific location, but then you scan around to find the AR image.

    As you may be able to tell, I've plenty of ideas and plans, but know absolutely none of the terms to even make things very easy to Google atm.


    So you are wanting to utilise GPS translocation to plot the position, then use point/pattern recognition to actuate the active content?
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    Yes. So imagine I have a large garden. When I walk past the raspberry bed I want my phone to buzz and either on screen or through the ear piece, tell me what the app knows about raspberries. Then when I walk past the apple tree, to recognise my location and tell me about apples.

    But when I walk down a certain path I'd like it to buzz and give me a VR picture of a rose arbour I can take a photo of my friend standing under, even in the winter.

    I'd also like a game (like Pokemon) where I could say hunt snails in the garden. Where I'd get a buzz when there was a VR snail nearby that I could catch.

    I suspect they are 3 different thing, but I'm not sure wheee to start in terms of the technical language I need to properly research things like Blippar


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    Try 'computer vision ' and 'geolocation' for technical terms.

    As *for pointers on where to start.
    Try 'google maps api' and *'open cv api' *I don't know much about either just things I've come across at some point.

    The google maps api is what Pokémon go uses for its location based code.

    **The opencv api is a free library for computer vision related tasks e.g. Identifying objects in pictures etc.

    This link looks interesting*
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    (Original post by INTit)
    Thanks, that's given me some reading and a start!
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Updated: September 29, 2016
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