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    I have my Raf Apptitude test for SNCO Air Traffic controller on the 16th October. I'm just looking for abit of information in what to expect, I'm concerned about the electronic and mechanics comprehension part as my knowledge on electronics is that of GCSE level and knowledge of mechanics Is virtually non existent. Is there any revision sources that will help me revise for these specific topics? The last thing is that if you fail for going for your preferred job but pass for another can you just carry on with the job you have passed or do you have to do the full application again? Also I'm 18 and feel like my age may go against me does anybody feel like this would be the case?


    So long as you get the required scores for another trade that you want then its fine you should be asked what is your main choice, second choice and third choice I'm pretty sure. I passed the score easily and could continue my application with any trade so long as there were positions available. In regards to the comprehension I don't think ATC would require that high a grade in Mechanical, maybe a fair bit in electrical so I would focus on that if I were you.

    Best of luck man!

    On the application you were to put 3 choices in trades you would like to do. I only put my first option in the three boxes, and I know of several others that have joined that did the same. But when they didnt pass the current standards for their first trade choice, depending on how well they did, they were offered to join other trades of they wanted. The application process just continued as normal and didn't have to restart at all.
    Revision is done online. There is the practice aptitude test on the RAF website plus the BBC education website has similar style questions which will prove helpful.
    I have my AST on the 27th Oct and will be going over a few things before then. Rather best to be prepared then to not be prepared at all.
    Age isn't a big problem. Only thing that crops up is if you haven't got any hobbies outside of work/school life. My husband was 21 when he joined and was told to reapply in a year because he didn't have any true hobbies. They suggested he joined as an instructor in the air cadets, which he did.

    Good luck!
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Updated: September 25, 2016
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