Should I bother applying to Oxford?

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    I was initially excited about applying to Oxford since it's been my dream school for so long (I'm from the US, and the liberal arts centered education here makes the tutorial system seem like heaven), but I'm not sure my scores are up to par. As a US student I don't have any English qualifications or GCSE scores, but I have the international qualifications.

    I think my college readiness exams are up to par (36 (all sections) ACT, 1500 (790M/710R) new SAT), but my AP scores aren't great (three 5's, 4 4's, one 3) and my SAT II scores are 800 Math II and 760 Physics, with Physics being kinda low.
    I have a load of ECs, I put them in a reddit thread along with some other qualifications (

    If I apply it would be for Computer Science (I average 80-90 on MAT but hopefully I can raise that in the coming month). Is it worth applying? Are my scores too low for Oxford?

    (Original post by woodworks)
    Your MAT score alone would make you a very competitive candidate, if you can reproduce that in the actual test. The American requirements for Oxford admissions can be found here; you seem to be there already, and I suppose you'll probably pick up some more 5s in your APs this year to make that side stronger, if you're worried about that. I'm not American and not a compsci but I wouldn't be too worried about the 3 in macro, contrary to that redditor's opinion.

    It definitely looks like you could make a strong application to Oxford. Your various and varied extracurricular activities would mostly be of more interest to American colleges than to Oxford, although I think having the wherewithal to build your own OS at this stage (for instance) would make your interest in the computing side of the degree extremely clear to any tutor.

    As an international student, I think you're definitely on your way to a very competitive application. Unfortunately our school doesn't offer many APs and I had to lobby intensively to be allowed to take four (dismal, I know). It's definitely worth applying
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Updated: September 27, 2016
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