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    I'm currently trying to work out my options for my PGCE and have my heart set on doing a Latin PGCE at Cambridge / KCL (the only places to offer the course). I know, however, that they are extremely competitive courses and I'm wondering if anyone has any comments on how realistic this is or advice on how to improve my chances. I have wanted to be a teacher since I can remember so it's not a spur of the moment decision.
    I studied French, Spanish, Latin & Philosophy, and gained four As at A level. I went on to do a degree in French & Spanish, but wasn't entirely confident in my choice. Part way through my undergraduate degree, I wished I could study Latin again, and I did so in my spare time. I have a high upper second class honours degree from Durham and am applying for an MA in Latin and Classical literature this year. Alongside this, I have quite a lot of experience teaching Latin and classics up to GCSE level, and I am spending a lot of time brushing up on my general knowledge of the classical world.
    I know I'm pushing it without an undergraduate classics / ancient history degree, but is there a possibility I could be successful if I wrote a very convincing statement and demonstrated my subject knowledge sufficiently at interview?

    I should think so Ensure you continue to read up on current educational issues regularly and are aware of the developments in teaching materials for your subject. Try to attend a couple of conferences if you can too (whether about Classics, education or both). Bona fortuna!

    You should be okay from what you're saying; Cambridge has around 30 people on that course this year.
    Try to get some school experience. You need 10 days minimum, preferably more, and a range of schools is good. The best way I found was to ring schools directly and find out who I should be emailing. I know Latin and Classics can be quite rare, but watching History teaching (and I suppose MFL, at a push) will probably give you an idea of appropriate techniques.

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    Thank you for your replies! It's definitely reassuring to know that it's possible. I have already got the minimum ten days under my belt and plan to get much more
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