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    Hi, could I have opinions of anyone who has studied psychology at uni or even at a level? What is it like, do you recommend it, what specific job route might you take, etc.. And I heard that it is a very popular degree at uni, is there many jobs available in that area?

    It's very difficult to answer this question. Psychology can lead you to a LOT of jobs. But one thing people aren't aware of for some reason is that you can't become a psychologist without further study. So please take that into consideration because a lot of people think you can somehow become one after only studying psychology for 3 years. It can help you get to an actual career in psychology combined with further study but alone it's very flexible e.g. you can do HR or maybe other NHS related work that doesn't require further study. Do you know roughly what you may want to go into in the future? I'm doing Psychology at university and at the moment we're learning behavioural neuroscience, personality psychology, social psychology & language with cognition. It covers a really broad area of stuff and some universities focus on certain areas more than others etc.
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Updated: September 24, 2016
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