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    I have always been very interested and passionate about computer science and knew i was going to a degree(s) in it and become a software/hardware engineer/computer scientist(forgive me for incorrect syntax if applicable)...

    Recently i have been reflecting upon my choice and confirming that is what i want to do for the rest of my life...

    I already know that is what i want to do but as i said i am just confirming so...

    i am currently at the start of Y11...

    How stable are jobs in computer science...
    My parents want me to go into medicine(huh) and say computer science is a unstable field but is this true?
    It seems to be that it is the fastest changing and growing field in the world and it has only been around in the past century...
    Also,i have heard it is in very high demand and that it is basically the fourth science...
    i agree with that as the world will forever need computers in cars/rockets/planes/boats/computers/phones/everything!!!

    I am one of the top in my class,predicted most A*'s and A's and do computing at GCSE and do many Extra curricular and also many related to computer science....
    I am truly passionate about the subject and would like to study it at Cambridge...

    HOWEVER,my dad is a surgeon and he says that the career is OK and is not encouraging nor discouraging me to go into...But my mum and other relatives are insisting/persuading me to go into medicine and become a doctor/surgeon?

    I much prefer and i absolutely love/am obsessed with computer science and very talented at it and also at maths and sciences...

    However,my parents say that i am smart enough for medicine and thus i should go for it(I know) and that it is a more noble professions and finally that it pays better(IS THIS TRUE,I THOUGH COMPUTER SCIENCE WAS VERY WELL PAYING???)

    What should i do,They are happy with computer science but i'm very confused as even though computing is almost part of me i fear there words may be better than mine due to experience???

    Any other advice will also be greatly appreciated...Thanks!

    There are many online opencoursewares which offer computing related courses given by universities such as MIT and harvard. Edx, futurelearn and coursera. would be worth checking them out.

    codeacademy also teaches how to code.

    check out khan academy's stuff on cs and computing.
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Updated: September 24, 2016
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