How to I deal with a relative who puts me down no matter what I do?

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    I'm so sick of it. For years it's been going on and they still keep saying you Are not independent, survive on your own, etc. You were slow at school so you have no chance.It's mentle abuse and this has Caused so much of anxiety,depression as the years have went on.

    For so long and now I'm in my late twenties. I'm going for a training course that will get me somewhere career wise and they so unsupportive it's just awful.
    It's like I have believed I don't deserve to have a normal life and this has caused me problems fitting in, etc.

    I think the crap I get is out of bitterness but it's like no matter what I do even the simplest tasks. I'm mostly support myself any ways. They have never helped me financially and have said things like I wish you weren't born. I just forgive and forgot because it's my parent.

    I have moved already to get away from them and now I will be moving again. To another place for my course. Should I just not talk to them again? But I'm worried for the rest of the family and love our pet to bits.

    Now I'm starting to believe I won't survive financially were I'm moving

    Well you know they are toxic. Get away from them! If you really believe you can sustain yourself, don't ever let them know your intentions. The worst thing they could do to you will land them in prison.

    Any parent who says to their own child that they wish they weren't born doesn't deserve to be a parent.

    If my parent had said that to me I would have throat punched them.

    Get a way from them and move on with your life, you're too good for them.

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Updated: September 24, 2016
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