Uni of Sheffield or York?

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    In the Times league tables, Uni of Sheffield has both a higher UK and global ranking than Uni of York.

    However, I have been to the city of Sheffield, and it is very 'poor' looking, whereas York looks much more affluent.

    Uni of Sheffield campus is spread out across busy roads, and feels very hostile to pedestrians. Sheffield supposedly has a good night life though.

    York uni, however, looks very 'posh', just like the Oxford of the North.

    In the guardian league tables, Uni of York is ranked higher than Sheffield. Both uni of York and Sheffield require AAA/AAB A levels, but looking at Sheffield Uni, you wouldn't think it was a top uni, as it looks quite run down tbh.

    Which league table is more accurate? And, personally, I think Uni of York is thought by most to be better than uni of Sheffield, just because it's in York and sounds 'posh'.

    Any ideas?

    Lol you sound as though youve made your mind up and York deserves you. You sound totally unsuited for Sheffield.

    (Original post by 999tigger;)
    You sound totally unsuited for Sheffield.
    I think he actually sounds totally unsuited for the adult world. Can we back-squad him to year 9?

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    (Original post by nulli tertius)
    I think he actually sounds totally unsuited for the adult world. Can we back-squad him to year 9?

    Posted from TSR Mobile
    It was just a very odd and snotty post. I was going to explain some misconceptions to them, but then the more I read I thought why bother. I'm familiar with both places.
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Updated: September 27, 2016
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