Feel really depressed, anxious and worried about going to uni tomorrow?

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    Hey guys, I start uni tomorrow and I feel really upset and stressed about it. I applied to study law but I feel like I don't really want to become a lawyer and that I'll find the course really boring. I feel like it's kicking in that I'm actually going tomorrow and I just feel like crying. I feel depressed over it and feel like I should've taken a gap year instead to figure out what I wanted to do and i just kinda feel like I'll have a panic attack or something tomorrow over it and start crying at uni. I feel like I should've applied instead next year to find out what I wanna do because I'm not that interested in law and I feel like I'm just doing what My parents want me to do. I obvs don't want to feel really depressed st uni missing my parents and friends. Any help? Thanks .

    You shouldn't do what others expect of you or anything you feel will make you unhappy. At your age, the world is there for you and going to university is an important transition and you should be looking forward to it.
    Your parents should understand that and they will love you whatever you decide. Things always look more bleak at this time of the night - that's when I do most of my thinking. I didn't want to let your post go unanswered. Good luck whatever you decide and try to get some sleep. X

    So far all my friends this year have had exactly the same feelings as you are describing. There have been a lot of tears in my friendship group, including one who seriously considered cancelling her place to study medicine. However every single one of them that has gone has absolutely loved it once they got there and say how silly they feel for dreading it so much!

    I think what you're feeling is completely natural and most likely is just cold feet but once you get there you should settle in very quickly. Also bear in mind most of your fellow students will probably be feeling a similar way to you. If worse comes to worst and you get there and and find that you're really not enjoying your course or university it's a fairly simple procedure of switch courses and/or university or take a gap year.

    Also just because you have a law degree you don't have to necessarily become a lawyer, it's such a good degree to have that can open so many different doors.

    Please don't worry yourself though what you are feeling is entirely normal and expected but I'm sure that once you are there you will love it. Good luck.

    It's natural to be nervous about starting uni but you'll find that most of your classmates will be in the same boat. *You'll be fine once you get there and start meeting people.
    I would also advise not being afraid to pull out if you really don't enjoy your course though. *A degree you won't use is worse than no degree as it will be a lot harder to get funding if you later discover what you're passionate about.

    Good luck!

    Also remember that anxiety and depression really skews our perception of our goals and wants- because they want us to take the least risky approach. I've lost a few awesome opportunities by listening to depression and anxiety and not pushing through the fear

    I know it sounds trite to say that you will be fine but all you can do is try.Let us know how you get on -- your experiences may help others.Try to look at it as just a few weeks away between the end of September and the beginning of December.
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Updated: September 25, 2016
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