Have you ever encountered any evil and mean tutors from college?

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    I was taught by a very evil and mean tutor from college, many years ago. That woman always lied about her students, like to see people get hurt, she bullied some students, stared at you in an evil way and always spoke to you in a rude tone of voice over the phone. She bullied me during creative activities lessons and told me I would never make it in life. I tracked her down in facebook and told her I made it. I found out, she is teaching at another college! :-(

    I am a male and I also had an evil college tutor who bullied me in private and in public which was very humiliating. She chastised me when I didn't understand something, called me dumb and stupid, like pokey told me I would never make it, was rude to me often and sometimes went as far as administering childish punishments, like making me stand in the corner face against the wall in my dorm room if I made a mistake or did something she didn't like. On occasion and I am not kidding here, she threatened me with a spanking saying, "Do you want me to put you over my knee, pull your pants down and spank your bare bottom. If you don't study properly and concentrate, I will spank you right now. I mean it." When this happened my face turned dark red and I stared at the floor in shame. Fortunately I never got a spanking from her. She would also humiliate me in public, telling others that I was not very bright and it would take a lot of work helping me pass any courses, that I need discipline to make me study, he is a naughty boy who needs a mother to keep him on the straight and narrow and on one occasion in front of other students(we were at an archeological museam as part of a project) she threatened to wallop my backside when the curator caught me not listening to him.
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Updated: September 30, 2016
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