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Need advice from lone wolves/past lone wolves

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    Im guessing from the title you know what this will be about. Im a lone wolf. But I have to say Im a....lone wolf by choice. (I know some ppl say that to make themselves feel better but this is serious)

    Absolutely no one shares my intrests/hobbies or even music taste and thats fine, I wasnt expecting a perfect complimentary match to my personality but I thought theyd be at least one.

    As for me, Im 18 and my personality is humorous, quite kind and strangely very confident and somewhat assertive for a lone wolf.

    I just wanted to ask for other loners/past loners what did you do with having none/very little friends

    1) stay a loner

    2) somewhat 'settle/adjust' (the wrong words but I cant think of others) for ppl who are the most similar with you and go with them

    3) kind of change yourself but in a good way and join one of the existing groups

    4) something different

    I know this is a big ask but I just wanted to know what fellow ppl did when they were alone and how it turned out?

    any stories or opinions appreciated!

    Hey I was never really a lone wolf but i must say I don't think I would ever change or adjust myself to fit into a social group because all I'd be doing is fooling myself.
    Believe me, there's a group of people out there who are similar to you, it's just a matter of waiting for them to walk into your life.
    But I think it does take a little effort to at least start a conversation with people and try to find some common grounds. Don't give up on them so easily unless you really get a bad vibe. There are actually some people who are completely opposite to you who can (in some weird but good way) end up being the best person you've ever met. Whatever you do, don't change yourself. I mean, I think people naturally end up changing a little (in subtle ways that they themselves don't even notice) when they are around certain people. By this I mean that people are different when they are at home with family to when they are outside with friends or strangers. But they're still the same person. It's just that they mould themselves a little bit to fit in. Doesn't mean they change their hobbies or interests though. I don't know if I'm making any sense here haha. I'll just stop!
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Updated: September 24, 2016
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