Juncker being sued by expat group

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    An expat group is suing Juncker for his aggressive and dictatorial actions against the UK. Juncker purported to ban EU commissioners from engaging in any negotiations with the UK prior to the triggering of Article 50. Patrick Green QC, acting for the claimants, says that this "presidential order" (as Juncker pompously described it) is a power he simply doesn't have, or if he does it constitutes an abuse of said powers.


    Juncker also denied being an alcoholic to a French publication, in an interview in which he consumed four glasses of champagne (google "Juncker drunk" if you want to see a video of him going full retard)


    Juncker's threats are a major reason why I switched from reluctant Remain to reluctant Leave. I don't want our country to be subject to fanatical eurocrats who can use their powers to harm us. They've repeatedly tried to impose a Tobin tax on us, knowing it would damage the City of London and benefit New York. Even so, they were happy for business to leave the EU as long as it damages the English. That is what we had to put up with, for years.

    Anyway, here is the article


    Juncker is a drunken idiot which not many politicians take seriously
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    (Original post by IYGB)
    Juncker is a drunken idiot which not many politicians take seriously
    Unfortunately his power and influence are very real. Someone who is so volatile and unstable who also possesses a clear Anglophobia, is someone who can do us great damage from the Presidency of the Commission.

    I hope GCHQ and MI6 are working on a plan to discredit him and force his resignation. Maybe child pornography will be found on his computer, or evidence from an old corruption scandal will conveniently surface. Something like that would be fully justified by the fact he is hostile to the UK's fundamental national interests.
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Updated: September 24, 2016
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