Why have we become less narrow-minded as a society?

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    I'm not sure how to answer this for geography....please help

    More tolerance, better education etc.

    (Original post by M12S)
    I'm not sure how to answer this for geography....please help
    2D Husbandos

    Globalisation- we are so interconnected that we can't think in a broad manner.
    Greater discipline in the justice system, governments and the legislature.
    Education(all sorts)- tighter restrictions on what is taught in the curriculum thus we are taught arguments that is in the specification

    Greater exposure to the world as communications technology advanced.

    I feel that we are institutionalized from a young age and hence are taught things in a specific way. As a result we don't like to try new things and prefer to be conservative in case they may not like something new.

    However we need to try new things. The only constant is change and we need to embrace this idea and hope for the best.

    studying psychology, ( how mind works, Freud etc.) sociology,( how society works and the problems it can cause - Marx etc.) philosophy, ( ideas about the world etc. Russell ) world wide travel,( brings us into contact with people who think differently), scientific research / medicine etc.( eg progress in physics, chemistry, biology, critical analysis /scientific methods- give examples-so know why people act, think , react as they do, - ie not possessed by evil demons causing illnesses eg but bacteria or viruses so discovery of penicillin etc.

    Decreasing attendance at churches- rise of atheism. Less likely to reverence past ideas, our' betters', want to think for ourselves etc.Change in Law- to favour free thinking - no longer burnt at stake for heresy, blasphemy etc. / no longer same belief in many supernatural threats like witches, demons, devil etc.

    In all general access to more information and increasing education. ( ie from mass illiteracy / innumeracy in 19th Century to universal primary education in UK from 1870s, raising of school leaving age from 13 before WW1 to 15, then 16 ( 1971?,) 18 now. Advent of comprehensive education - access to secondary examinations for all etc.) Expansion of Universities from 2 in 19th Century( Oxford / Cambridge with small entries to foundation of Red Brick, ex Polys, etc. and explosion in Higher Education.

    Arrival of peoples from other cultures - Jews from Russia, Germans, French, Flemish, Italians, Greeks, Irish, West Indians, Indian sub continent, Chinese, East African Indians, people from ex colonies in Africa etc , intermarriage, common schooling, adoption of foreign ideas re food ( curries, pizzas, Thai, chinese, fish & chips etc), dress, music (african influences on Pop via US ), art ( european, african influences on Picasso ) etc.

    You'll need to expand with examples of your own. Have fun.
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Updated: September 24, 2016
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