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Dealing with a STUBBORN dad.

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    My dad is a stubborn hypocrite. People like him are the reason kids leave their parents lonely to rot in *****y care homes.

    I feel so much rage and hatred with every single stupid word that comes out of his mouth.

    The way he is so set in his backward ways drives me through the roof. I literally feel myself going insane whenever he talks because it's all so ****ing stupid. I genuinely believe that his worldview is the polar opposite of what any modern day person thinks. I cannot wait until his generation dies out.

    One recent thing that's pissing me off is that he got caught by a speeding camera back in February and refused to pay it. The letters keep coming through and the court date but he's still so unphased by it because in his mind it does not exist and he's above the law. There was picture proof and everything and he says it's not him, LOL!

    What would have been a £50 fine is now over £300 and 3 points on his license.
    I wish these ****ing idiot cops would stop giving him so many chances over such a long period of time to pay this **** because he's not going to do it. Just arrest him already.

    The hypocritical thing is that he is SO mouthy about my brother who is also in trouble about speeding and will probably get banned from driving. My dad refuses to acknowledge that he has committed the exact same crime as my brother, yet he kicks off about how my brother shouldn't have spent so much money on a sports car. Literally **** off. I cannot stand the pathetic mindset of this man.

    He is so stubborn and set in his ways that EVERYTHING in life has to be HIS choice or it isn't good enough. He is an extreme cheapskate; the epitome of that american t.v show, and he would rather save a penny than our life in a life or death situation. Not even exaggerating.

    My other brother is getting married and he has been totally negative throughout the whole process. My brother told my dad on the phone that he's looking at hiring a wedding car and my dad is straight away all "a car is a car, you don't need to hire a fancy wedding car, cars are all the same I can ask our cousin to borrow his white mercedes (a regular every day car) like seriously? What the **** is wrong with his brain?? He can throw hundreds away on speeding tickets he refuses to pay but it physically pains him for his family to spend on a wedding??

    My brother and I aren't even that close but I feel so passionately about this and defended him so much yesterday because it's out of ****ing order for a parent to kill a kid's vibe like that for their special day.

    I haven't even scratched the surface of what he is like. People are going to read this and say I'm being trivial but I could write a ****ing novel about his ****.

    He has no emotional intelligence whatsoever. He has no empathy or compassion for anyone. He does not understand the world and the ignorance in his narrow mind is the only thing that matters. His answer to everything is negative and he has an excuse for everything. He tries to justify everything with his stupid nonsense.

    My mum wants to redecorate a TWENTY FIVE YEAR OLD room downstairs and he starts world war 3 whenever we mention it. The wallpaper is falling off on its own for obvious reasons and he'll say childish **** like we're pulling it off on purpose as an excuse to spend money. LOL! This man's obsession and attachment to saving money is laughable. What exactly is he saving for if he refuses to spend it anywhere???

    I was so angry tonight but typing this has calmed me and I hope this makes some of you laugh at how much of a ****ing joke he is.

    Parents can be terrible. Bet it's therapeutic to write it all out?
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Parents can be terrible. Bet it's therapeutic to write it all out?
    You get it. This post was so therapeutic honestly.

    Can't talk to him about anything ever because he always has an excuse and tries to justify his version of everything.

    It makes me want to poke my eyes out with a fork and then feed them to the chickens that I don't have.

    The thing with parents is that they always think they know best. Anyway, hope things improve for you in the meantime, and remember you don't have to live with them forever. Hopefully you can find a way to get out of there, and use your time to work towards such an aim. Good luck!

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    urghh stingy people are the worst, you literally can't breath when you are around them

    some of my friends are blooming stingy as, so glad i don't have to live with them.

    why does your mother put up with this? why can't she remind your dad that its her house and money too therefore her decision as well?

    as for your brother, if i had a dad like that i'd pay for the wedding myself then wash my hands off him

    Unfortunately there's little, in fact anything you can do about him. He's set in his worldly ways and nothing you or anyone else does will change that. Top tips for now would be if you're going to uni or already at uni, move out. Don't stay at home. Once you graduate, don't move back home either.
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Updated: September 26, 2016
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