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    I'm a second year compsci student. What are your job prospects like if you don't do an industrial year?

    It's easier if you take a year out to do some relevant work in the same industry.

    Unless... you're already gaining experience via side projects, portfolios, GitHub, contributing to open-source projects, networking at LinkedIn etc. and have make preparations during your final year towards the end with as many applications as possible and interviews lined up.

    In either case, the layout, format, structure and wording of your CV is vitally important. The approaches you take in applying for roles is also important.

    Btw, I didn't take a year out when I was at uni. It's been about 4+ years for me now since then and I'm going from strength to strength. I secured my first house within the first 2 years, in fact. And each new role I applied to was always an increase in salary (or in rare cases, at the same level but with potential to add more varied skillsets), eventually at a certain point it reaches a fairly significant jump (+£10K) once you gain a certain level of experience in years.
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Updated: September 27, 2016
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