How is life possible in small island villages on Greenland?

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    I've been reading some books about Greenland lately, and found them really interesting. When I first learned that people lived on the North Pole, I thought that they all live in a few towns near one another. But the fact that there are small villages throughout the west, east and south coast absolutely shocked me. Quite a lot of these villages have been made on islands.
    1) What do the people of Greenland do for living? Wiki says that they hunt and fish among other things, is this true?
    2) Lots of Gr. villages are small and on islands. They must have a police officer, doctor and school, airport, port etc... Also there are zero roads on Gr. leading to other settlements. I imagine that there aren't many shops in these villages, and that high school education is nearly impossible in those who don't have one.
    3) How can Gr. have a GDP of 22,000 (they even had 37,000 nine years ago) when they have to spend money on so many things which they don't get profit (or efficiency) from? Like village schools as mentioned before, air transport etc...
    4) How did the Indians survive on Greenland in the past, e.g., how did they light a fire when there are no trees on Gr. They could've brought a bit of it from elsewhere (like Canada), not enough for them to light fires though.
    5) What do Greenlandians eat, if there are no edible plants there?
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Updated: September 24, 2016
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