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Whats the Science behind this?

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    Science + Mathd subjects never worked for me in GCSE and AS levels. Nothing would go into my head in class, key concepts would take me very long to learn, and I just cant understand anything without the CGP guide. I started revising at the start aswell.

    However Politics and History comes easy to me, essay writing is easy to grasp,the content stays in my head easily for a long time, and I could easily self learn a subject like politics tbh.

    Is it true that we are "naturally better" at some subjects? If so how does this work? Im guessing that it means I use 1 side of the brain more than the other...

    Or am I just stupid, or are the arts subjects genuinely much easier and that strengths have nothing to do with it?

    Lol usually people have a preference between maths/sciences or english/history or arty things.
    I have a feeling it's genetic!
    However some subjects can be learnt such as music or biology, whereas some require people who are naturally good with numbers or words or artistic things.

    the way i look at it is if you're a talkative person, love to discuss things, then you gonna prefer writing essays cos u just have that much to say cos u remember events more. i sometimes look at history as a subject where we gossip about what them old men did 100 years ago. and as a person who likes the idea of (harmless) gossip, i tend to look at history as episodes of a tv series where im more likely going to remember

    i also take maths. sometimes i like a break from essays, too much writing bores me. maths requires me to spend like 10 minutes doing 2-5 questions a day and boom im done.

    arts are not easier than stem, vice versa. sure, i will never understand anything about physics, but i can if i try and actually take an interest in it...for now, it can bug off

    You can be good at anything, there isn't anything blocking the information. It's just how appealing you find something.
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