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    I am currently studying at university and am very proud of my mum who is 61 and returning this year also to study a Bsc! After being made redundant and suffering from deep depression she has picked herself up and gone to university and is a new person altogether HOWEVER. student finance will only give £3300 A YEAR to live off and her government benefits have been stopped so she cannot afford to live. Basically student finance have stated that people over 60 are not eligible for the full amount. My mum is going to university to better herself so she can get a better job and in her later years do something with her life instead of sitting around waiting for retirement. Can someone please advise me what financial aid is available out there for over 60's? I'm trying to help her as much as i can but as a student myself working part time there is only so much i can do. And after so many years of seeing my mum is such deep depression then to see her exuberant full of life and engaged, only to loose it all I cant take it and I don't think her mental health can either.

    I honestly don't know what advice I could give but can I just say that's absolutely incredible that your mum is at uni. She's a huge inspiration. honestly it's so rubbish that people have to pay SO MUCH for an education

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    I'm really sorry but that's a long-established rule of Student Finance. It's based on the belief that people of that age are nearing retirement and are highly unlikely to repay a significant amount of money loaned to them.

    Being 52 myself, I'm very sympathetic, especially given your Mum's personal problems. Unfortunately that's how the state student funding system works. It's a huge shame that nobody made her aware of it whilst she was preparing to apply to uni.

    I don't believe there is any other source of funding she can access. As she as found, most benefits cut off when you become a full-time student. Can her uni advise? I would suggest that she starts with her Student Union. Would going part-time be an opton? It would give her the opportunity to work and earn whilst she studies.

    Many universities have a hardship fund, which is her likeliest source of support. She could also try searching online for charitable scholarships awarded to women and/or older students.
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Updated: September 25, 2016
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