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Functional Skills level 1 & Key Skills level 2 - worth mentioning with good GCSEs? Watch

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    I was 17 going on 18 when I did Functional Skills level 1 despite having a fairly decent English Langauge GCSE from the age of 16. Functional Skills in English was a requirement of my college if you were 20 and under, irrespective of what GCSE results you had and how long it had been since you'd taken them, so that is literally the only reason I did the coursework and exam. Same with the Key Skills level 2 in Communication that I had to do in my first college course.

    I never finished the wider course due to circumstances beyond my control, but I did finish Functional Skills and take the exam, but it was level 1. Obviously I passed - it wasn't even challenging. It was, if anything, a major inconvenience because I already had a C in English Language GCSE from 2008 (which is good when I was only predicted a D). I took Functional Skills in mid-2010. I'd sailed through Eng. Lang. and FS wasn't even half as difficult.

    Not to mention that the previous year I'd already passed Key Skills level 2 Communication - in fact, I was the first person on my course to finish the exam and spent the last half an hour playing with my phone.

    Do I need to bother inserting my Functional Skills qualification? The fact I took level 1 within 2 years of finishing my GCSEs seems a bit pointless. Added to passing level 2 Key Skills the year before...odd.

    I fear it might look a bit ridiculous - like...will universities see that I only got level 1 English as my most recent English qualification and think "oh, this isn't a particularly good applicant"? I'm not doing English as part of my Access course, so that is literally the last English exam I did. And it was level 1. How crap?!

    Is omitting to mention it a bad idea? Would be actually lying or just being a touch economical with the truth? I'm just really worried about what universities will think, especially since I'm applying to some Russell Group universities. I didn't find Functional Skills English difficult - but I don't expect they'll know that, or that it was a requirement of the wider course I was on. Do I really need to prove that I passed two extremely easy qualifications within two year of my GCSEs? I can't even say they were marginally easier. They were very, very, very, exceptionally easy. I don't see it as any sort of achievement at all.

    I've had three people already this year question why I had to take Key/Functional Skills with my GCSE grades. I did them all in consecutive years - GCSE in 2008, Key Skills in 2009 & Functional Skills in 2010, so it's not even like I'd been out of school for that long...
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    Don't omit qualifications - it makes your application technically fraudulent. It's for universities to decide what is relevant not applicants.

    If you're worried about your qualifications confusing universities then get your referee to explain college policy in your reference.
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Updated: September 25, 2016
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