Is anyone studying the Psychology Conversion course? What are your future plans?

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    Hi, I'm starting the part-time Psychology conversion course at the University of Gloucestershire on Tuesday. At 34, I'm a mature student and have a Theology background. I'm really looking forward to starting and taking steps towards a career in Psychology. I got a 2:2 in my first degree and a merit in my postgrad certificate, but I'm hoping to get some relevant experience by volunteering for the Samaritans. My hope is to get a job as an Assistant Psychologist or work for a charity when I graduate and maybe one day complete the doctorate through the NHS.

    I'd love to say hi to anyone else doing the same course, regardless of where, and to know your future plans!

    Hello sounds fun

    What was your PgCert in? I also got a 2:2 at undergraduate because my focusses were elsewhere. I've got a lot more into studying since then.

    I'm not actually doing a psychology conversion course at the moment. I was offered places from both Leeds Beckett and DMU but am unable to take them up at the moment for financial reasons. In a few years time though, it's on my bucket list to do some postgraduate study in psychology. I'm looking to just do a PgCert or PgDip in it though because I want to do the taught modules but not a dissertation (already got two other masters). I would like to study psychology both for my own interests and because I have an interest in teaching any subject I can grasp really.

    Enjoy your course *
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    Hello 🙂 It sounds like you've done loads already, but I know what you mean about studying for interest - it's like an itch until you do it!

    My PGCert was in Catholic Applied Theology. I love Theology and would like to weave psychology and spirituality together more in my understanding of how we work as a whole being.

    What were your Masters in?
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Updated: September 25, 2016
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